The 'Why' Behind


At Feminae Vero, our vision is to serve, educate, and evangelize girls and women by sharing the truth about their reproductive health and how it connects to our Catholic faith. Whereas, in the past, women were beholden to the beliefs of their doctors, we're now living in an age that has placed critical information about hormones and the reproductive cycle at each individual woman's fingertips. Our goal is to help women make the life-changing connections between their health struggles and the out-of-date medical practices that are bandaging symptoms without addressing root causes, while providing them with the information, tools, and confidence they need to be their own best advocates. We don't want to be their voice - we want to be their megaphone. Women deserve honest answers to lifelong questions about their health. Feminae Vero exists to ensure they get them.



Mary Kate Knorr

Mary Kate developed a passion for women’s healthcare during her time as the executive director of Illinois Right to Life. As she traveled to speak and teach about abortion, it became clear to her that a larger conversation on the culture and quality of women’s healthcare needs to occur. Feminae Vero was born from her desire to make life-affirming, solutions-oriented healthcare available for all women - regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.


 Prior to her work in the pro-life movement, Mary Kate was an operative and communications advisor on numerous state and federal political campaigns. She has been quoted in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and has been featured on WGN, ABC-7, CBS, and Fox News, among others. In the past few years alone, Mary Kate has spoken before thousands on the need for abortion restrictions in Illinois. She has presented to law and medical students at Northwestern University and to undergraduates at the University of Chicago, where she debated Professor Geoffrey Stone, who was a clerk on the U.S. Supreme Court when Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. 



About Her Body

We believe that the female body was designed by God with profound purpose and intention. We believe that the woman’s body, when allowed and encouraged to work in the way she was made, testifies to His beauty, receptivity, and miraculous nature.


About Her Period

We believe that the woman’s period is good and necessary, and that her cycle is her body’s fifth vital sign. We believe that period problems are often early indicators of a deeper issue, and that working to heal her cycle is a gesture of love for the woman.


About Her Fertility

We believe that each woman's fertility is both a gift and a miracle. We believe that the woman's ability to bear life points humanity to the eternal, and that man and woman's coming together to conceive is God's invitation into creation with Him.


About Her Pregnancy

We believe that pregnancy and childbirth can be both hard and healing. We believe that encouraging women's bodies to work as they were designed can bring about amazing outcomes of peace and restoration for the woman in this season.



For Girls

& Women

Because existing healthcare practices sometimes miss the mark, girls and women need to be ready and able to advocate for themselves to their doctors. It is of the utmost importance to provide girls with age-appropriate health education, and to equip women with the resources they need to make their own informed healthcare choices.


For Elected Officials

Elected officials have a great impact on women's access to healthcare options, particularly for those who are dependent on public aid. We inform elected officials of this impact and use research backed by strong science to encourage policy choices that promote a high standard of care for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

For Medical Professionals

Medical professionals sit in a seat of power because women trust their expertise. We engage with medical professionals about solutions-oriented healthcare options for women by asking hard questions, challenging the status quo, and presenting proven alternative solutions that fall outside of many standard medical practices.



We consider it part of our mission to be a strong voice for women and their health. We are happy to speak to groups of all sizes.


We recognize that issues of health are deeply personal and spiritual. For this reason, we offer education in retreat settings.


It's important for us to equip women to advocate for themselves. We aim to provide them with helpful resources and information.


Overall, we aim to advocate for women. This includes educating elected officials and medical professionals on what we know.